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SIGESTE presents the new website “A mine of biodiversity” in BIOMINAR 2013 – Biodiversity in Neves-Corvo worhshop, in Castro Verde (Portugal). 

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As a result from the partnership between SOMINCOR / LUNDIN Mining (funders) and the Center for Environmental Biology - University of Lisbon (scientific partner), SIGESTE presented, the last 1st of June, the website “A mine of biodiversity”. This presentation took place in the BIOMINAR 2013-Biodiversity in Neves-Corvo workshop and is the outcome of the joint work of the 3 institutions, with the purpose of disseminating all scientific information collected in the mine area from the last 30 years.

The main objective of the website is to work as a dynamic extension of the field guide produced in the same project and to make the information of the main species that can be found in the region, available in an interactive and intuitive way.

With a large amount of information, the website is a unique catalogue for environmental and scientific knowledge, not only from the Alentejo region, but also from the Portuguese territory.

In this event SIGESTE also presented the new version of GISBOX.