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“A Mine of Biodiversity” highlighted in REAPLP

The Environmental Studies Network of Portuguese Speaking Countries - REAPLP – dedicated some pages of their journal number 9 to the project about biodiversity in the Neves-Corvo mines, in Castro Verde.

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Giving importance to the theme of nature conservation, namely in highly sensitive areas like mining exploitations, one can found a complete summary of the biodiversity in Neves-Corvo project in this article, in which SIGESTE has participated has technological partner.

This project, a partnership between SOMINCOR - Mining Society of Neves-Corvo, Lundin Mining (sponsors) and the Centre for Environmental Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon (scientific partner), had as main goal compiling the information collected over the last 30 years and, simultaneously, enrich the knowledge of the ecosystems present in our country, especially in the area of Alentejo and Neves-Corvo mines, calling attention to its representativeness and fragility.

Click here to download this number of the journal.